Black Dog Cafe, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

The theatre of the Black Dog

Having been new to the industry pre Black Dog there has certainly been a steep learning curve, some challenges and hardships but there has also been some great joy and good times. In fact the joy has outweighed the difficulties but the joy has been largely unquantifiable and therefore quite difficult to describe to anyone not involved in the industry. It is the joy of making customers happy, of the customer appreciating your passion and your craft, and the enormous joy of that instant feedback where it is almost impossible for the customer to leave without saying what a great time they have had or what a fantastic meal or coffee.

I read a blog from one of the many great London cafe’s we frequent and it described this feeling of what essentially is providing great customer service. It reads  ‘there’s nothing like the excitement and theatre of hospitality. Each day is a new performance, the tables are set, the audience arrives and you put on a show’. When the day is busy and the service is smooth, the thrill is high. We have had some well known faces visit the Cafe’ from Julian Assange and Kirstie Allsop to Dame Kellie Holmes and the Hockeyroos. However the thrill in fact comes from our regular customers, to please and please again, they have chosen us and we have to deliver. It is this that drives us and allows our passion for great coffee and great food to be centre stage. Like an encore’ or added performances to a show. And it is in this light that I have now come to see our Cafe’ – the theatre of the Black Dog.


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