Black Dog Cafe, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Its all about the people

Good people are hard to find, often it is the natural attributes of the individual that make the appointment a success rather than the existing skill set and ontraining. This is my evaluation of recruiting in the hospitality industry through 5 years at the Black Dog. It is an industry that attracts a high number of people unsure of their career path, or people seeking employment secondary to other pursuits. This sometimes can be in conflict with our search for driven, enthusiastic, energised and proactive people that have great natural engagement skills with customers.  

Today we lost one of those great finds. Beth finished after nearly two years as a part time team member. We employed her on the basis that she was looking for part time work but that her profession was her priority and at times this would take preference at short notice. She impressed on the trial shift, we took the chance and the rest is history. In both the kitchen and cafe’ she was always dedicated, enthusiastic, hard working and great with people. She will be missed by all.

 After she finished today I thought about the inextricable link between a great team and a great customer base. Both feed off each other. Our team enjoys working together, they enjoy making our customer’s experience as satisfying as possible and they enjoy being at the Black Dog. Likewise our customers feel welcomed, looked after and comfortable to engage with our team and other customers. It makes for a relaxed and chilled out environment which is one of the primary goals the cafe’ fulfils.  So while the search for good people never gets easier, the good people are more and more appreciated. Thank you Beth. 

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