Black Dog Cafe, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

More milk or more coffee?

When customers come in, particularly on a Monday morning or after a late night, and they are desperate for the caffeine hit to kick start their day some will ask for a large coffee. Sometimes there is an assumption that this means a stronger coffee but this is not necessarily correct.  On our takeaway service we offer regular (8oz.) or large (12 oz), however we offer a double shot standard. This means when someone comes in desperate for a caffeine hit and they ask for a large cappuccino for example really they are getting more milk not more coffee. So if you want a hit to maximum effect and flavour and you’re not keen on espresso, you are better off with the regular size rather than diluting the large cup with milk or water (of course if the priority is a longer lasting drink then 12 oz. makes sense). Some customers have decided that our large size takeaway cup (12 oz.) is not big enough for them and will resort back to the chains for those huge buckets of milk. However unless there is a minimum of 3 shots of coffee in the larger American style takeaway cups there will be very little flavour of coffee at all. I wonder if this is why people sometimes find the  Monmouth Espresso blend with a double shot too strong, because they have not been drinking coffee at all, rather milk or hot water.

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