Black Dog Cafe, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Happy 3rd Birthday Black Dog

The Black Dog turns 3 today. Unbelievable to think that this time 3 years ago 2 novices made the huge (blind) leap into the unknown world of small business and the café industry. Looking back now we always laugh at our audacity, always citing that we must have been mad. True I imagine for most small business start ups – you’d think twice if you knew what you were in for! Thankfully pig headed determination and passion drive you to succeed, overcome the bumpy early days and the pure hard graft that has to go in.

So in 3 years we’ve made countless cups of coffee, baked thousands of cakes, served up lots of eggs. We’re lucky to have found a committed and brilliant team of people who help us achieve our vision and we’ve become part of a fantastic little community here in Tunbridge Wells. We’ve build new friendships, formed solid links with local businesses and share the day to day experiences of a vast array of people; from exhausted mums to entertaining dads, ladies on a lunchtime gossip, budding novelists & musicians to film directors, busy breakfasting businessmen to the local friar (who loves his flat white). We’ve entertained Kirsty Allsop, Ross Noble, Kelly Holmes, Bob Mortimer, Grayson Perry, Julian Assange (obviously pre-embassy lock down) and the man that does the BBC SE news – an interesting diner party mix, which kind of sums up vibrancy of The Black Dog!

So thank you to everyone who has been on the journey with us in the past 3 years; family, friends, employees (past and present), the local traders of Camden road & to all our customers. We wouldn’t be celebrating this happy milestone without you.

Happy Birthday Black Dog.


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