Black Dog Cafe, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

At the Black Dog we take our coffee very seriously. In order to provide you with the perfect cup each and every time below are the standards we work to.

Espresso machine

We use the Aurelia II T3 by Nuova Simonelli. The latest innovation from Simonelli was developed with scientific support from universities combined with experienced World Championship Baristas. A cutting edge high performance machine with work horse reliability.


Our choice of grinder is the Nuova Simonelli Mythos One. Micrometric grind adjustment, titanium burrs and temperature regulation make this one of the most precise and efficient grinders on the market.


We use Monmouth coffee and with a reputation as one of the world’s best coffee roasters, why wouldn’t we?

Cup sizes

We choose to use one cup size and serve our coffee as a double shot as standard. We believe this allows the true flavour of the coffee to be enjoyed and respected.


Our coffee is only served by baristas with extensive training to ensure consistency and quality.


Our machine and grinder are cleaned thoroughly every day.


We drink and check the taste of our coffee ourselves continually, adjusting our equipment as conditions change through the day.

Monmouth Coffee For Sale

Can’t get up to Borough Market? We sell Monmouth’s exceptional blends off the shelf to enjoy at home – whole beans or ground in 250g bags.

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