Black Dog Cafe, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

With coffee from Bolivia

Today we introduced a coffee from Bolivia for the first time in the cafe’ as our guest coffee. The coffee is called Cafe’ de Coraca and it is roasted by Monmouth Coffee Company. I was quite excited about this because South America is my favourite coffee source but this was a new experience for me. After a few grinder adjustments I found myself at the perfect extraction time and flow and an espresso with a varied colouration within the crema both vibrant and deep. As for the most important part the taste, well it was clean and slightly sweet. A good body to the espresso without any lingering tastes in the mouth, a slight nutty feel but again not over powering so in summary pleasant and if it was a wine very quaffable.

So I turned to James Hoffman’s Atlas of Coffee to read up on Bolivia and as it was just a small page it was no wonder I’d missed it. However an interesting read which compelled me to write this blog piece. A relatively small population of 10 million and at least 25% of the population in extreme poverty. The country’s entire production is smaller than just one of Brazil’s larger coffee farms. So not a lot of coffee being produced and a few good reasons as to why. For example, as a landlocked country exporting coffee has its logistical challenges. Also a prominent drug trade exists providing a dangling carrot to coffee producers to switch to coca which offers a greater security to the more variant coffee price fluctuations.

The irony is the topography and climatic conditions are ideal with a relatively high altitude and clearly defined wet and dry seasons. With this I  look forward to enjoying this coffee over the next few days and I hope you do too. I will look out for more single origin offerings from Bolivia and do hope the coffee growing industry prospers a little bit further than its currently small stature.


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