Black Dog Cafe, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

A blog post about the weather

In the midst of the best Summer in England since we arrived back on these pebbly shores I thought it would make a nice blog post to discuss the weather and how it impacts our business. Not in a seasonal way but from a day to day aspect, because lets face it weather is topical, and in England even more so. So it goes without saying that working in the cafe’ I unavoidably have a lot of weather conversations.

Conversations like, ‘what a great day’ (well it’s only 8am, lets see what its like at 9), or ‘it’s so hot, too hot even’ (but it’s only 22 degrees???). Of course there is also the presumptions by our customers as to whether a particular days weather is good for business or not so. For example, if it’s raining ‘this must be good for business’ or if it’s sunny ‘this must be good for business’ likewise on the same weather patterns someone else will say ‘ this cant be good for business’. So over the last 3 years we have established some theories of our own directly related to our business and our location on Camden Rd, and of course these don’t always go to plan but we get close more often than not.

  1. If there has been a barren spell of sunshine in spring/summer/autumn and then suddenly the sun shines bright, we will be quiet.
  2. If the day is showery, or maybe rains solidly after 11am, we are likely to be busy.
  3. If the day starts with solid rain and continues through the morning, we will be quieter.
  4. If in Spring or the early part of Summer the temperature reaches 23 degrees, we will be quiet.
  5. If into the Summer we have had good spells of sunshine, the temperature makes no difference, we will be busy.
  6. If the day is overcast, rain or no rain, we will be busy.

Thankfully for us living in England no.6 applies more often than not.

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