Black Dog Cafe, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Normal coffee please?

What is a Flat White? It’s a short strong milky coffee, double shot of espresso, smooth velvety textured milk. What is a normal coffee? I’m not sure. What is an ordinary coffee? I’m not sure. What is a filter coffee when you only have an Espresso machine? Do they want a filter coffee and won’t accept any coffee made from an Espresso machine? Or when they say filter coffee do they also mean a normal or ordinary coffee. I every now and again get customers asking for either a normal coffee or an ordinary coffee and I’m still not sure exactly what they want. I of course always qualify our customers to make sure we get to the right coffee for them and we do get there and its never normal and its never ordinary.But the origins -is it like asking for a builder’s tea? Is an ordinary coffee a rubbish coffee or just a request for caffeine. Sometimes the customer is quite short when they ask for a normal coffee, they don’t want all the options they just want a ‘normal coffee’. But I grew up in Melbourne, there is no such thing as a normal coffee. I might feel like a Cafe Latte, a Cappuccino or a Black coffee. None of these are normal, they are all different and all have there unique and appetising qualities. Once a couple asked for two espressos so I served them two double shot espresso’s. They were horrified at what arrived at their table. I asked them what was wrong, what were they expecting? They ended up having two Cappuccinos and told me they had been drinking these for years and they are called espressos. Of course there are no rules, they are only names and there are many variations on all these versions of drinking coffee. So I write this blog with only questions that I am yet to answer or understand. What is a normal or ordinary coffee, your assistance is much appreciated.

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